Every purchase made in our projects is a safe investment! The value of the properties we build grows year after year due to the quality of construction services, thanks to modern architecture and thanks to fantastic positions in the strategic areas of the capital or coastal countries.
Your investment is also guaranteed by other factors as well:

Increase of the value of property

ManeTCI projects benefit increases to their value, with rates ranging from 10 to 20% for 3-5 year timeframes.

High Investment Return

Looking at the investment perspective, a property of our portfolio guarantees return on investment for 13-20 years.

High Rental Demand

Our projects, positioned in strategic areas and with attached values as quality and standard, have high rental interest rates, with average values:

Vala Mar Residences

Apartments: €50 -€70/day
Villa: €100-€120/day

Ambasador 3 / Park Gate

Apartments: - Offices 8-12/m2
Stores: 10-15/m2
Parking: €80-€100 / parking stalls

Rolling Hills Luxury Residences

Villa €3,000 - €7,300/month

Green Coast Resort

Villa: €150-300/days
Apartments: €100/days

Construction Community and Living Style

ManeTCI does not build residential units; ManeTCI builds communities, lifestyles, residential concepts of foreign standards and services essential to the maintenance of these standards such as: maintenance and security.

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About us

ManeTCI is a leader in the construction and investment of development projects in Albania and the region.


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