ManeTCI, Gold Sponsor for International Students Conference of Civil Engineering, ISCCE 2018!

ManeTCI participated and sponsored this event with the main focus of presenting to the future generation the Internship program for a better evaluating career alternatives

Mane TCI It’s not just about business and numbers but it’s about creating and maintaining strong relationship, mutual respect, commitment to a job well done and this makes us a family. It’s because of our dedicated employees that Mane TCI is a success today.

We strive to develop our team so they can meet their full potential, progress within the company, and create a long lasting career at Mane TCI. This goal, along with the promise of a safe work environment for all employees, is the foundation of our company.

At Mane TCI, we’re proud of our employees. Our reputation and success is directly attributed to the hard work, attention to detail, and positive attitude of our employees – from construction project managers and field engineers to interns and office staff. With such a great team supporting Mane TCI, we see only great things in our future.

Furthermore, Mane TCI is a company that supports the new generation in becoming the future leaders. We have partnered with the most reputable universities in Albania and abroad so we can contribute in the expertise of the new generation in the construction field.

During 2018 we have had more than 30 interns whom joined Mane in our Internship program which created a diverse group of students from different countries and nationalities.

Our internship’s program goals are centered around providing meaningful benefit to the student, as well as our Company. Following our structured program, a student will gain an overall understanding of the different managerial processes regarding construction management and administration in both the field and the office. They will observe and participate in all aspects of construction management that are typically encountered in the construction work place. Providing the right experience will allow the student to integrate and utilize classroom gained knowledge and apply that knowledge to situations presented via the work experience. By the end of their experience, the student will also have gained a network of industry professionals. This program benefits the student moving forward and better evaluate career alternatives.

Every student that joins the Intern program has a real opportunity to start his career at Mane TCI in junior positions and by hard work and dedication to progress within the company.

Former interns that were employed or return to Mane TCI as full-time Team Members often require less training and are more successful. We see a tremendous difference in time to productivity in entry-level employees who interned with us. They are able to have a measurable impact in a shorter amount of time and require less formal, hands-on training. “They are also more likely to remain with the company because by being fully immersed in our culture as interns, they’ve had the chance to ensure it is a fit” - said Ermelinda Nezaj, Head of Human Resources Department at Mane TCI.

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