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Wednesday, 7 December 2016
Emon Sila

What is the performance of the renting or purchase requests of residences at the seaside? Vala Mar Residences and the Green Coast).

The performance of sales or renting requests has exceeded even our expectations. Forecasts for the first 6 months are exceeded by 60%. We cooperate with successful real estate agencies at home and in the region for the sales and renting of facilities.

Vala Mar projects at Lalzi Bay and to the Green Coast in Palasa, Dhermi are unique in their kind and have a strategic location. Vala Mar Residences and the Green Coast are also being developed by a tourist development master plan adopted by the Albanian Government. They are being developed in areas untouched by mass tourism with low coefficients of construction which do not exceed 14.8%. These projects will help to develop tourism and will turn into destinations. The projects have started their construction in 2015 and are expected to be completed within June 2018. These projects will take on the appearance of a small park because of the great greenery that will prevail. By supporting the "Lungo Mare" project, there will be realized promenades with all the necessary facilities. Residents will find privacy, tranquility, and air quality much better than in the city. The Green Coast project will provide innovations consisting of: Property Sharing and Renting Program.

What are your expectations of the purchases this year? In what areas?

We have high expectations of this year purchases, both in Vala Mar Residences and in the Green Coast Resort, taking into account the current sales and growing demand. The culture of the Albanian buyer has changed in recent years: they require more information and guarantees before buying a home on the coast. Some of their requirements are related to infrastructure, services, investment returns, regular documentation, the meeting of construction deadlines, a selected community, high quality of construction, maintenance, 24 hours of security, designed functional properties and at competitive prices.

Which category of people are more interested to have a second home on the coast?

During the design phase, it was thought to "target" individuals and families with high and very high incomes but it was too early noticed that the families or people with middle income also turned into buyers both in Vala Mar Residences as well as in the Green Coast.

This is because the complexes offer villas and apartments of different surfaces, while maintaining the same high standard of quality and offering competitive prices. You can buy a house by the sea with only 66,000 Euro. Furthermore, also pensioners are turned into buyers in these two projects as they consider these two destinations as the most convenient place to live in.

ManeTCI offers financial advice to secure funding from the banks within the country and in the region. Our clients include Albanians from Albania, Diaspora, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as foreigners who appreciate the opportunity to have a home in two of the most beautiful areas of the Albanian coast.

What are the prices trends?

I believe that the real question is how much will the prices rise? All market stakeholders foresee that prices will rise by 10 to 20% for some reason as for ex.: the rising demand, location, construction progress, change of fiscal packages, the development of the area and the provision of services. In view of the above reasons, I want to stress out that now is the best time to buy.

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